Elevating the passion for Dance to the Stars!


Why competition?
Competing is used as a method to develop a number of individual qualities including self-confidence, creativity, the ability to interact in-group settings, being able to listen to and apply constructive criticism as well as learning how to work as a team. Competition is a learning tool not just for dance but for life. One should not compete with the desire to win but instead with the goal to leave each competition having learned something new about one self and how to grow and improve as a dancer. It is important that one does not become distraught if an opponent or teamate receives a more prestigious award than themselves. That does not mean they are any better, it merely reveals there is room for improvement. If one does receive any form of prestigious award, it is important that it be accepted with honor and integrity. Awards are to be recognized as a bonus and not as something to be expected.




* Ballet technique class is required (1 hr- 2 hr class depending on level) 

* Jazz is required to take competition acro

* Jazz is required to take competition lyrical

* Lyrical is required to take competition contemporary

*To do a competitive solo you must take that form of dance as a competitive group class as well

* 4 mandatory competitions & 1 workshop/convention 

* Must attend at least 2 summer options*

* Mandatory production (No Charge/ Free) 

* Must take part in holiday performance & recital 

 * No unexcused absences (max 4 per year) 

* 2 annual studio sleepovers (Nov. & Feb.) (if regulations allow)

* Big/little siblings assigned each year to keep our

teams united as a family

*Competition Team stage rehearsal/ pep rally 

* End of competition season award party

*Attendance the week of a competition is Mandatory

* Everyone is required to audition for the team, 

you do not automatically make the team

* Parent & child must sign competition contract

Competition Classes

*Tap*Jazz*Acro*Lyrical*Musical theater*Contemporary*Hip Hop*Clog*

** Exact dates for all competitions & the name of the competitions will be available by the end of September. This will give all families an ample amount of time to plan for these busy weekends!**