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Rules and Expectations of SPDC Competition

Dancers/Parents/Friends and Family Members

  • Each dancer must have a positive attitude at all in times in all studio classes, workshops & Competitions.
  • Each dancer must encourage and support ALL SPDC team members.
  • You must inform Miss Katie prior to class for any absence, including illness. Ballet classes must be made up if more than 2 are missed. Ballet is crucial to the success of a competition dancer.
  • Everyone is expected to work together as a team and help in the growth of their fellow teammates.
  • Each dancer must be respectful to all dancers, teachers and faculty both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes refraining from derogatory comments about the studio, director, faculty, fellow teammates and/or parents. This includes in person, on phone, and on the internet.
  • Gossiping will not be tolerated amongst the students and or parents, or about other students and or parents within SPDC.
  • Gossiping will not be tolerated amongst the students and or parents about other dance studios or competitors.
  • While representing SPDC, students and parents are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times to everyone they are in contact with.
  • During competition, whether we win or lose, we are expected to have a winning attitude.
  • All competition fees must be paid on time; solo/duet/trio entries will NOT be submitted if payment is not received on time.
  • All Students are required to wear official SPDC shirts/warm-ups etc. at all competitions.
  • All students are to respect professional decisions and do what is asked of them. All students and parents understand that Miss Katie has the Final say about placement and all other matters concerning SPDC and competitions.

Additional Competition Team Requirements

 * Ballet required: 1 hr- 2 hr class depending on level*
* Jazz is required to take competition acro*

*Jazz is required to take competition lyrical*
* 4 mandatory competitions*
* 1 mandatory convention or workshop*
* At least 1 summer session & dance camp or 2 summer sessions must be attended in the forms of dance you compete in along with ballet*

* Mandatory production (class 1x per month- no charge)*
* Must take part in holiday performance & recital*
* No unexcused absences, Max 4 per year*
* 2 annual studio sleepovers one in early November one in February*
* Big/little siblings assigned each year to keep our team united as a family*
* Mandatory Pep Rally in February (this is used as a dress rehearsal for competition as well)*
* End of competition season award party* 

All Competition/company students and parents are expected to conduct themselves in a courteous and respectable manner at all times. Gossiping by a student or a parent about other students, parents, staff members or other studios is not tolerated. Disrespecting a faculty member or another student or being discourteous to a fellow student is grounds for disciplinary action that may result in probation, suspension or being asked to leave the studio permanently. In the event that you are asked to not return to the studio there will be no reimbursement for any classes, competitions, costumes or any other fees collected by the studio. All Competition Students and their parents will be expected to both read and sign this Competition Guideline page before committing to the SPDC program.

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